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Wim Hof Method and Mudflat hiking (wadlopen)

Wim and Wad
“Unless you are willing to experience new things, you’ll never realise your full potential.” ~Wim Hof

In Wim and Wad I will combine the Wim Hof method with the dynamics and fun of Mudflat Hiking.
In this weekend you will learn the Wim Hof Method at a deep level! You will connect body and mind, feel the power of your innerself and you will have fun!
Prepare for an intense journey with mud and occasionally deep gullies. But at the same time enjoy the breathtaking views and the salty sea air. Spot the most beautiful birds and with luck you even spot seals!
We will bring you in contact with nature. With the energy and dynamics of the beautiful surroundings of Ameland. The beach, the ocean and the forest. But also in contact with your innerself, your energy and your strength.

Combining Wim Hof Method and Mudflat Hiking (Wadlopen)
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General info

Date: Friday 5 May (14:00 pm) – Sunday 7 May (14:00 pm)
Location: Island Ameland(NL)
Group size: 16
Price: 599 euro
Necessities: Swimsuit (extra swimwear), towel, slippers, bath robe, jogging panths, sport shoes (baseketball) or Surf shoes, head light.

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Give me a reason

  • You are looking for a challenge in a unique environment?
  • You want to get to know the Wim Hof method better and apply it?
  • You alsways wanted to do the mudflat hike; crossing the ocean as a living Moses?
  • You want to balance your mind and body?
  • You want to experience friendship, solidarity and sociability?
  • You want to have fun!

This is the moment and weekend for you!
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What will we do?

  • We will practice the Wim Hof Method and control the cold
  • We will train in open water
  • We will do an amazing hike from Holwerd to Ameland over mut and ocean
  • We will practice yoga and mindfulness


  • Introduction
  • WHM method
  • Yoga
  • Hike on Ameland


  • WHM breathing
  • Boat trip
  • Mudflat Hike (Holwerd – Ameland)
  • Relaxing/Game/play
  • Dance


  • Yoga
  • WHM method
  • Mindfulness

[/tab][tab name=’More info’]Including:

  • 2 nights in our center (meals are included)
  • Yoga and mindfulness classes
  • Parctice and learning the Wim Hof Method
  • Boat trip for Mudflat Hike
  • Mudflat Hike with guides


  • Drinks other then coffee and tea
  • Travel to Ameland

Mut flat walking (wadlopen) tips

  • Take a towel and plastic bag or waterproof packed backpack
  • Take warm clothes and clean shoes whit you for the way back or in case of!
  • Dress yourself in shorts or swimming trunks
  • During mudflat hiking wear socks and high basketball sneakers or high surf shoes. The reason the wadloopschoenen should be high has to do with sucking mud on the mudflats, and you can lose them
  • Wear not your newest outfit (it will get dirty)

Preparation Requirements:
To help with the method and have your more physically and mentally prepared on the day you can take the following steps:

  • Take a cold shower every morning or if that is too much you can start with a hot shower and gradually turn down the heat until the water is cold.
  • Learn how your body reacts to the cold.
  • Stay under the cold shower until you have your breathing under control and you feel calm. If you find this exercise difficult, just start at the feet and work up slowly. Be careful with your head under the cold shower and it’s better to skip the head for the first month.

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