Austria Xperience!

Change the way you breathe, change the way you feel…

This Xperiences is the Future of Travels

People have always enjoyed traveling, but now due to limited leisure time they probably want to do it with a purpose. Fitness and wellness is a form of leisure, no longer just a dry obligation, and the rise in retreats show this. ~Joe Holder

We all want to feel better and taking time away from our busy lives for vacation is a great start. Combining wellbeing with a holiday is next level and also a fun way to feel great during the holiday and simultaneously set up some lasting good new habits to take home. It’s like vacation 2.0. ~Tara Stiles

Location: our center is located at 1200 meters close to the Fernpass in Austria.
Rooms: 2 or 3 persons
Cost: 1150 euro
Date: Monday July 1th – Sateday July 6th


  • All meals
  • Coffee and tea in our stay
  • All activities

Sign up July 1th – July 6th

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In the Austria Xperience we will stay on a unique center close to the Fernpass which is a main pass that runs through the Alps. This area is characterized by nice lakes and moutain views. Our goal in this Xperience is to take you on an exciting breathing journey in which you discover more about your own breath and to equip you with a variety of breathing techniques so you are able to master any challenge that comes your way!

The best and -very importantly – most fun way to internalize new information/techniques is by bringing it into practice. So that means that we’ll use most mornings to learn a new breathing technique and the afternoons/evenings to bring it into practice in a suitable (and exciting) fashion…
Be ready to be surprised!
Is this for me? Well, yes if you…

  • Want to learn different breathing techniques;
  • Are interested in learning more about the interaction between your body and mind;
  • Are looking for a trip where action, relaxation and insight alternate;
  • Want to experience the powerful and contagious energy of a group of people that’s ready to challenge itself?
  • Enjoy being in the mountains;
  • Can deal with a certain degree of surprise (we won’t give away the whole program upfront ;-);

By discovering and learning more about the breath and different breathing techniques you might find out that….

  • …you’ll be able to increase your sporting achievements;
  • …breathing can help you increase your ability to concentrate and focus;
  • …it’s easier to deal with stressful situations at work/home;
  • …you’ll be able to cope better with extreme conditions, such as the cold;
  • …you can improve the quality of your sleep;
  • …breathing can help you deal with strong emotions;
  • …you’ll become better at giving presentations/speeches;
  • …breathing can help you get into a ‘powerstate’ within no time;
  • …it’s easier to stay cool during a nervwrecking (first) date 😉

The fact that we can change how we breathe, means that we can also change how breathing effects our bodies.

Our breath accompanies us with everything we do, feel and experience during the day. Different situations ask for different breathing techniques and since our breath will be there ‘for better and for worse’ it is worth knowing more about this powerful instrument.

The interesting thing about breathing is that it is both involuntary and voluntary. Breathing is managed in the unconscious, but we can – at any moment- change how we breathe (fast or slow, shallow or deep etc.). This is quite different from other bodily functions such as for example blood flow or digestion (they occur without conscious influence and it would be really hard to influence them, even if we tried).

Daily program
The programme will be built up in such a way that every day of the week will cover a certain theme (think: ‘breathing and stress reduction’, ‘breathing and peak performance’, ‘breathing and challenging conditions’ etc. )

  • Life changing and emotions releases breath journeys
  • Beautiful mountain hikes
  • Canyoning
  • Practice yoga, meditation, natural movement and mindfulness
  • Practice and learn the Wim Hof Method
  • Connecting and having fun

The programme is accessible to everyone in terms of its activities. You just need to be motivated to balance your body and mind.
We will have fully packed days that start at 7.00 and end at 22.00.

Testimonials previous Xperiences

Swiss Xperience: Jerome, I had such an awesome experience. My expectations were very high and I still got way more than I had hoped for. Thanks to everyone who was there, I hope you were all as blessed by the experience as I was.
30-11-2017, Aaron from NZ

Allow me to add a 10 with a kiss! Because what you do is who you are. Keep doing what you did! Further motivation can be found in the Google review. I feel completely fulfilled and gilded;-))
Greeting heart, Iris from Holland

Well, It’s been one week since our SwissXperience. Somehow it feels like both yesterday and a lifetime ago. For whatever it’s worth, I thought I’d share my experience here… I almost didn’t make it to our weekend in the mountains. I was in an excruciating amount of pain (long stories, 40+ years in the making). Pain levels off scale on some days, with me crawling on all fours to my bed. I noticed on our last day, I was feeling surprisingly good. Now one week on, though maybe not 100% pain-free – I will take my miracles where I can find them – I am feeling amazing. Thank you Jerome
12-11-2017, breathe on, Susana from Swiss